Mindblowing Secrets About Space

Space is a magnanimous black void full of stars and cobwebs of galaxies beautifully spread out at certain distances. You can’t see these masterpieces from your naked eye. You would need special glasses for it. Or not even glasses; you’d need a massive telescope like the Hubble or EHT to look at those brilliant stars and galaxies. 

Scientists have discovered so many interesting facts about space, and it keeps on increasing. The universe keeps expanding at a fast pace. Among this void, black holes, stars, nebulae, comets, asteroids, moons, and so many other things reside, which we don’t know about. 

Here are some of the most amazing secrets our galaxy carries:

Neutron Stars Spin more than 600 Times Per Second

Neutron stars are born when high mass stars collapse. They are a result of a core-collapsed supernova explosion and rotate extremely rapidly. The physics behind this involves that neutrons are closely packed together, and the force makes them move rapidly. 

These stars rotate at 60 spins per second when they are born to 600 spins per second under special circumstances. 

The Universe has an Uncountable Number of Stars

Not even scientists have an idea of the total number of stars that reside in the universe. Scientists have an estimation of total stars in our Milky Way. The stars in the Milky Way multiplied by an estimate of the number of galaxies in the universe gives NASA an estimate of the universe’s total stars. There are “zillions” of uncountable stars in the universe. 

A zillion is an uncountable number. Whereas an Australian University estimated almost 70 sextillion, which is 70,0000 million (x3). 

Apollo Astronauts’ Footprints will Stay for 100m Years

Moon doesn’t have any atmosphere. There’s no wind or water to erase or wash away the marks (footprints, roverprints, spaceship prints) left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. They will stay preserved for almost 100 million years. That doesn’t mean they won’t erase forever. The moon is constantly bombarded with “micrometeorites,” which means that the erosion process happens but takes place very slowly. 

Two Same Types of Metal Pieces Touch in Space will Forever Bond and Stay Stuck Together

The name of this process is cold welding. This usually happens because the atoms of the metal pieces floating in space don’t know that they are of different types. So, this makes the lumps join together. 

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